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Kitegarage the webshop for DIY repair kits from Fixmykite, Stormsure PSP marine tapes for kite sails, leading edge, strut, bladder & valve repairs

FMK / Fixmykite standard valves, brand-specific inflate / deflate & one-pump valves for:

Cabrinha, Best, Airrush, Ozone, Airush, Blade, F-One, Gaastra, Liquid Force, Naish Octopus, Ocean Rodeo, Ozone, Slingshot & the Multi Option Valve

Fixmykite Universal Tuff Bladder for Struts & LeadingEdge
KITEAID Kite Repair Kits for on the go, kite repairs without a needle or thread!
JAY XTC Flextech Harness / Trapeze Series / JAY Dynabar Series
Sensei trainer kites
Weatherflow anemometer for smartphones